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Eduardo Villanueva

Your comment about how little sense of the variety of fruit around us struck a good note, after my experience with the amazing and completely unknown collection of fruits I tasted in Iquitos. Amazon fruit is so distinct and at the same time, so familiar in some senses. If you have the chance, try the cocona, a mixture of citric and apple-like in its taste.

Steve Cisler

Have you any pictures of the cocona? that's a new one for me.


You can obtain photos, descriptions, and other great info on Cocona (Solanum sessiliflorum Dunal - orinoko apple, peach tomato} by "Googling" Cocona on the internet & surf in any direction that interests you.

Steve Cisler

Thanks, Lee. So, for some it's an apple, a peach, a tomato...!

Juanita Rivera

Please help! I've been searching for this cocona to no avail. They have told me it helps with diabetes. I live in the east.


to JUANITA Arivera; cocona wouln't help you as much as YACON will with diabetes


I can not find the cocona fruit anywhere in New York, can you please help me, I was told it is really good for your cholesterol. Thank You

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