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Ha! Cool, I had hoped eventually someone else would find this
gem. What makes it perhaps even more interesting is to see it as one
of three books (perhaps four) that appeared at the same time, on the
same themes. Masuda may have coined "information society" or the
japanese equivalent, but it was certainly in the air: In france, Nora
and Minc's report to the government "L'informatisation de la societe"
(1978) which also coined the word telematics, a volume edited by
Dertouzos and Joel Moses called The Computer Age: a Twenty Year View
(1979) which has a fantastic set of future scenarios by JCR Licklider,
and last, a book commissioned by the Quebecois government, and better known
for very different reasons than as a report to the government on the
state of the computerization of society (which it was), Jean Francois
Lyotard's The Postmodern Condition (1978).

There are all kinds of ways these books fit into the 1970s concern
with global population, education and health initiatives--though few
of them are very specific about it--but it is nonetheless amazing how
little things seem to have changed from one perspective, but how
different the future turned out...

just had to share...

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