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Sorry it does not work too well over dialup. I try to keep the photos small for that reason.

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Yesterday I attended a session in Palo Alto, after being invited by Howard Rheingold whom I had met on The Well almost twenty years ago.

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Great post I want to know what is the objective of program called GlobalCommons and How could you help us???

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Hello for me the best thing of this institute is consumer issues because the consumer are the priority.

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It is an effort by IFTF to open up some of its activities to the public.

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He and others are hoping that there will be an emphasis on the local information, ways to encourage local input, mapping, and the use of locative technology in mining existing information that pertains to San Francisco.

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I mentioned that in the Togolese village where I lived, the people who produced coffee and cacao never consumed it.

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I mentioned that in the Togolese village where I lived, the people who produced coffee and cacao never consumed it.


In subsequent meetings others will volunteer to do several sessions during the first hour.

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I mentioned Neighborhood Knowledge Los Angeles run by UCLA's Advanced Policy Institute.

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