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Steve Eskow

A helpful report and analysis, Steve.

In this sentence:


You probably want to make that "without,"

Steve Eskow

Steve Eskow

Apparently the program rejected a sentence I copied and pasted.

You meant to say, I think,

"deployed without support or training."


Sanjana Hattotuwa


I've worked with AED closely for the past 4+ years now and wonder whether Michael mentioned the work of InfoShare in Sri Lanka?

We've been at the cutting edge of ICT for Peacebuilding that AED funded long before it became a phrase of larger interest.


Steve Cisler

Each sector manager like Michael only had about 20 minutes for a lot of projects. I don't recall hearing that.

Steve Cisler

To Steve Eskow: I fixed the error you mentioned. Thanks.

Mike Tetelman

Hi Sanjana -

I unfortunately could not mention the InfoShare project in Sri Lanka in my presentation because the meeting focused on a USAID program (DOT-COM Alliance) that had supported a different set of projects.


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