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Interesting stuff - seems like the one laptop may be pretty useless, but some of the associated technology is pretty good... .


If Potenco's yoyo can live up to the engineering promises, this little charger will be replacing batteries, small solar panels, grid power chargers, and pretty much every other method of small-scale electricity generation.

I know I'd love to have one in my travel bag to pull-start a dead cell phone or flashlight.


Human-scale generators coupled with efficient devices are a major challenge. Very few people have thought about the right coupling to normal human motions and a physical therapist professor told me many designs she has seen are harmful.

This would be a great area for collaboration of medical types and engineers (particularly mechanical).

terry best

if it works it would be very useful in natural emergency situations where electricity may be off for some time.why is it so easy for some to scoff at any new idea when they no nothing about it.
About the laptop idea this is a great idea but will and is being opposed by those who see their profit margin being threatened by innovation and could care less how much good it may do.

some advice I would like to give to smart people who come up with great ideas control your enthusiasm a bit and explain your idea so that those who want to write it off as foolish are unable to do so.

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