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Many people claim that books have changed their lives. For you, what was the book that you fully read and understood and noticed that it had an effect on your life? What book made you want to change for the better? What book made you realize the meaning of life? What book changed you as a whole?


I visited the Internet Archive in San Francisco where Brewster Kahle showed me the XO laptop used as an e-book reader.

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I'm sure hoping that all that tablets, e-books and all the other widget will gain some more power and less price and be more and more handy and effective to the common person, this is a great traveling piece of technology and it must be here for good.

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Well it looks as though eBook Devices have come a long way from just 2007. With eInk capibilities getting better everyday, people can enjoy reading electronic books that are easier on the eyes than computer screens. Fun to see how fast technology moves these days.

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