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I received a similar unit a few days ago (Tom Tom One). It is amazing how much they have improved in the past year - current sub $200 units are better than $400 devices a year ago spec-wise.

At this point it is a major toy, but I look forward to real use soon.

Steve Cisler

We took the Navman on a trip to Los Angeles and then to the desert and then back through Santa Barbara and home. It worked quite well, but there is a bell alert which we can't seem to turn off or figure out what it is signaling.

The quality of the photos is okay, but the lens is such a wide angle you have to be very close to the subject.

It even works well when walking and can measure ground speed as low a 2 mph.

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This is over the top!

GPS guy

I think it is very nice that by now all phones has GPS built-in - I haven't much more about Galileo though

mein tenu samjhawan ki

it helped me a lot man :-)

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GPS tracking devices are part of a vehicle tracking system. The device is installed in a vehicle or in all the vehicles of the fleet that you wish to track.

Ps3 Home Items

I love touch screen devices and ever since they came out, it's been so much easier for me. As far as GPS, I no longer need to read a map and this comes from a woman who constantly gets lost!


Have a TOM TOM, works well, other models we have found also function as weather alert warning.


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